Saturday, December 22, 2007

Flakiness of the Good Kind in Hollywood: Golden State Bakery, Little Armenia

If you know the Militant, you know he abhors all the usual, cliche stereotypes directed at all things Angeleno. But a recent visit (back) to Golden State Bakery on The Boulevard in Thaitownlittlearmeniaeasthollywood proved that flakiness can be a good thing in Hollywood.

Always in search of the best borek in Little Armenia (those little baked pastries of stuffed goodness from Hyestan (and the surrounding region) are found in bakeries like Arax and Sasoun on Santa Monica Boulevard, each going for just around a buck or two, both inexpensive and convenient on-the-go food - the perfect kind of rations for a Militant), yours truly stumbled into this place a few months ago and discovered that Golden State was the only place that had boreks with a flaky shell - more like a Greek tyrpoita, with a subtle, cheesy coating that surrounds, but not fills, the hollow middle of the pastry.

But the Militant's hopes of frequenting the bakery after that were dashed after the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health shut it down for unspecified reasons.

Fortunately, it re-opened, put up a brand-spankin' new sign and they've cleaned up their act, with a bright blue "A" rating prominently displayed on the front door. The inside looks more tidy as well. Most of all the boreks are back, and they only cost 80 cents each (in both square- and triangular-shaped forms)! The Militant grabbed three and was in flaky goodness heaven again.

The bakery also had freshly-baked, unsliced loaves of bread, in different shapes and sizes. Judging by the lovely bready smell, he might just go back for summa dat. They also have a neato deli section with various Armenian and Middle Eastern meats and cheeses. The dude at the counter was also very friendly as well.

Welcome back, Golden State!

The Militant gives Golden State Bakery 8.5 out of 10 clenched fists.

Golden State Bakery
5158 Hollywood Blvd.
Little Armenia/Thai Town/East Hollywood

Item: Cheese borek, $0.80 (Dude, EIGHTY CENTS!!!)

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