Sunday, December 23, 2007

Burrito King

Being an L.A.native, born in the now-Scientology Center and having lived in east Hollywod, the deepest valley, West L.A., Hollywood and now Atwater Village, I was thrilled that the Militant Angeleno agreed to allow me to contribute to his food blog. So, thanks MA.

That said, after a couple libations this evening at the local (MJs on Hyperion), I sent a coconspirator across the stree to Burrito King. Holy Jesus (and I'm an agnostic Jew), the tacos at Burrito King are fantastic.

Now, they don't compare to the beef tacos at Tacos Villa Corona in Atwater Village, but the chicken tacos are FINE. By that I mean, sensational. They're like taking the best Jewish Chicken Soup and transferring it to a flour tortilla and adding generous spice. It's warm, it's inviting, it's just what the body (and the doctor) ordered.

Every chance I get, I get one of those chicken tacos. I can't speak to the Burritos, but lord, have mercy, the chicken tacos are that good.

And, while you're in the hood, grab the steak and potato burrito from Villa Corona and glory in the knowledge that things are ok in the universe...for at least as long as you are eating.

Burrito King
2827 Hyperion Ave.
Silver Lake/Los Feliz

Tacos Villa Corona
3185 Glendale Blvd.
Atwater Village

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