Sunday, September 9, 2007

Coming Soon - The Militant Angeleno's Mess Hall

Turns out there are a large amount of food-related posts in the Militant Angeleno's blog. In the near future, there will be a spin-off blog (because Hollywood loves a good spin-off, lol) focused on food, but still from a Militant's point of view. The emphasis will be on ethnic good or longtime, relatively-obscure local establishments that deserve more press. And the majority of these establishments should be cheap and accessible to the masses (fine dining coverage will be rare, nothing fru-fru, chi-chi, ga-ga, ba-ba, wa-wa or any adjective named after repetitive syllables said by an infant). And you already know how the Militant feels about hipster spots.

This time around, the Militant will have guest contributors adding to the mix (because he's too busy being a Militant as it is). If you want to be enlisted as a contributor to the Militant Angeleno's Mess Hall, shoot off an email to militantangeleno at gmail dot com.

Will this spin-off be a Frazier, or a Joanie Loves Chachi? Who knows...only time will tell.

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